Reliable Sources For STD Tests At Home

STD Tests are something that we tag as the confidential service, we don’t want to let people know the details about the STD tests as they are embarrassing and gives topic to people you know to talk about you. As per the details each year 30% of the teenager shows up the symptoms of STD disease but they don’t go for tests as they fear encountering family members or relatives at the test centers. STD test at home is the new better way to encounter STD test and to diagnose for the disease soon. There are different options available for the STD tests at home, we will discuss these options and you can choose the best available option.

Planned Parenthood Online STD Testing

The service is available in different parts of the world but more actively in US, in the Testing facility the center offers kit for testing at home. All the instructions are provided in the kit, you can read it, take the sample and deliver it in the prescribed envelope. The organization will check the details and deliver the result or reports in one to two days.

MyLab Box

The Testing service provided by company as part of STD test at home is available for both men and women. The range of STD tests provided by the test center are HIV, Chlamydia, gonorrhea and extragenital. STI tests are easy to do that takes around two to three minutes and the results are revert at the address in two to five days.

The site allows visitors to order 10 panel test for major STIs, you need to note down that this is the only home based test service provider with FDA approval. You can opt for the same day service for the STD Tests and the result will be provided in two days.

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