#1. Arctic Hi-Five


This is one of the most attention catching photos that features a Polar bear full of energy to withstand the snow that has covered every patch of the land. The mother has already given up and the two small Polar bear are full of adrenaline enjoying the tranquility and serenity of the ice scattering. The photos was taken by Collin Mackenzie at Svalbard who is a very creative photo artiste who has won many awards.

#2. Hello


Deep in the waters, the rare giant posed for a photo and people can have a glance at it. This animal is fan and appealing in appearing as it is trying to get oxygen from the outside environment. Aquatic life is all about the producing bubbles to survive and you can see it on this photo. This gallery contains photos of all the aquatic animals it was taken by Mist Gage.

#3. Catch of the decade


This is indeed catch of the decade. See the lioness fishing live without a boat or net. As the waves are coming to the show, they throw a fish to the nearby lioness who never gives a damn about it. She raises her mouth and before the fish gets in, the photographer gets a shot of it. It is very nice photo that has never ever been taken in the world unlike the others that could be existing somewhere else. Credit should be given to the one and only Aaron Baggenstos who made it to happen.

#4. Above Big Sur 


If you love to see unique and beautiful places, these blue mountains of California will amaze you with the way they have been arranged and photographed. The smoky dew and the morning rays of the sun makes the photo to look so outstanding and mesmerizing. Douglas Croft had gone to see the whale migration when he was caught in wonders by the dew and smoke that made him not to see the migration. As a result, he captured the mountains and it appeared so unique that people posted it on the internet.